maidenhead radio modellers club


Club achievements

John Commbes ( Fixed Wing solo electric) May 19th  2013

Calvin Frankum ( Heli solo electric) May 19th  2013

Calvin Frankum ( Fixed Wing solo electric) Febuary 2nd  2013

Keith Miller ( Fixed Wing solo electric) December 2nd  2012

John Hooper ( Fixed Wing solo electric) Septemer  2012

Jake Hill ( Fixed Wing solo) 8th Septemer  2012

Hayden Hamilton (Electric Fixed Wing solo) July 2012

John Holland   BMFA   Examiner   June 2012

Kevin Smith (Electric Fixed Wing solo) 7th April 2012

William Haynes (Fixed Wing solo) 28th January 2012

Richard Haynes (Fixed Wing solo) 15th January 2012

 Ray Phillips (Fixed Wing solo) 12th November 2011

Carl Smith (Electric Heli club solo)  5th November 2011

Oli Cottrell (fixed wing A Cert)  September 2011

Rodger Warman (BMFA Examiner)  September 2011

Margret Ainsworth (fixed wing A Cert) 14th August 2011

Carl Smith (fixed wing A Cert) 14th August 2011

Sion Hughes (Heli A Cert) 14th August 2011

Stewart Penny (Heli A Cert) 14th August 2011

Malcolm Humphrey (fixed wing club solo) 10thJuly 2011

John Holland (fixed wing B Cert )June 2011

Xavier Calvet (fixed wing electric) 12th March

Rodney Welland (fixed wing electric)6th March 2011

Keith Derby (fixed wing electric) 29thJanuary 2011

Vince Pilgrim (fixed wing) 29th November 2010

Carl Smith (fixed wing) 9th October 2010

Stuart Penny (fixed wing electric)5th September 2010

Vince Pilgrim (fixed wing electric)4th September 2010

Stuart Penny (Heli) July 2010

Pete Huxley (fixed wing) 6th Febuary 2010

Darren Hand (electric fixed wing) 7th November 2009

Margaret Ainswoth (electric fixed wing) 4th October 2009 

Mark Alan (electric fixed wing) 19th September 2009

Keith Vale ( Silent Flight A-Cert) 28th June 2009.

Corne Van onselen club solo (fixed wing) 4th April 2009

David Coop A cert (fixed wing) 21st March 2009

Neil Puttick A cert (fixed wing) 21st March 2009

Perry Atkins A cert (fixed wing) 21st March 2009

Jeremy Ainsworth A cert (fixed wing) 21st March 2009

Wajid Rehman Club Solo (Heli) 22nd Febuary 2009

Sion Hughes club solo (fixed wing) Tue 30th December 2008

Jeremy Ainsworth Club Solo(Fixed wing) 20th December 2008

Jonathon Harper Club Solo (400 size electri heli) 16th November 2008

David Coop Club Solo (fixed wing) 15th November 2008

Neil Puttick A cert (heli) 20th September 2008

Perry Atkins Club Solo (fixed wing) 20th September 2008

Jeremy Ainsworth Club Solo (Fixed wing electric) 14th September2008

Val Batista club solo (fixed wing) July 2008

Jack Piccaver club solo (fixed wing) Sat 14th June 2008

Sion Hughes club solo (heli) Sun 8th June 2008

Will Hetheringpon A Cert (heli) 29th May 2008

Andy Loges A Cert (fixed Wing) 12 May 2008

Sam Jones A Cert (fixed Wing) 11 May 2008

Miles Hewitt-Jones Club Solo (fixed Wing) 11 May 2008

Jeremy Ainsworth A Cert (heli) 11 May 2008

Jeremy Ainsworth Club Solo (heli) 3rd May 2008

Chris Curtis A Cert(fixed wing)Wed 16th April 2008

Steve Ryan-Bell B Cert(fixed wing)Sat 5th April 2008



























Anyone who thinks they are up for taking their A or B cert contact me and I can arrange our club examiner to do the test with you.

Get practicing now!! email me to arrange your test----

(note for a B test allow more time as we have to get a second examiner down)