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 January/Febuary 2010

Weather has been tough on us this winter but no stoppin the keen!!

Roll on the sunshine !!!

 Andy very proud of his re-enginered flying wing LOL-------- and right Sions blinged out Woti

 Left Agi putting a screw driver into Sions wing   OPPPS SORRY DARLING!!! lol

 Above left Alan+Wes  talking about the weather lol--- Right Steves Beaver having a rest  (soup must be heating up !!!)and behind Jez cleaning again LOL

Above left Mags busy flying and above right Sion with his flying road sign lol

  Above left Reno Racer Dave ----- Above left cool dood Sion (he thinks lol)


Saturday 2nd January 2010


Left above Mags with her Coyote+Right Richard with is scratch build Lysander

Nice build Richard GIVE ME A GO LOL !!

Below Steve with the ARC Beaver right Jez+Steve


Above left the pits filling up even the cold not stopping the keen

Above right Sions blinged out Chipmunk

 Christmas Dinner 2009

 Great company and good laugh had by all !!!


 Apologies to those missed out in the pics I will pop more up as I get them(I think pinky was on the floor cleaning his trolly lol

 Nothing stops the keen lol !!!

 Above flying and getting ready to raid the soup kitchen on landing lol

  Saturday+Sunday 12/13th December 2009

Another busy weekend lots of flying

 Left Phil with his Squall + right is Ted with his superb ducted fan powered glider

 Ted+Richard enjoying a flight

 Steve about to launch Teds glider 

 Above left Andys top pilot ELMO and right Elmo doing a fly past LOL

 Steves Ultimate Bi-Plane

 Left Jez+Mags right Andy briefing Elmo on his next flight !!

 Left Steve with his Ultimate(120 fourstroke) and right Perry with the Showtime

 Has santa bought someone a nice pressi Nnnoooo its for himself LOL

Santas had a hard year he cant aford any wings !!! LOL LOL


 Left above young James his smile says it all

 5th December 2009

A bit grey but another great turnout !!

 End of November 2009

A bit cold and grey !!


Above Jeremy with one of the Wotis


  Above John with his "devils machine" and Steve launching the 2.8metre Svist

 And the Svists away


Below Steve his Svist also below that with the Sprinter then Val+John+then Sion with his new Chipmunk

 7th+8th November 2009

 Above Steve with the ARC Beaver Reno Racer(Ask Dave or maybe not !! lol)

Below left Jez with the Grone(very nice)below right Alan showing off his tax disc

 Above Andy+James with James very nice powered glider

Below Dave with his Reno Racer Acro- wot some days faster than others LOL !!

 Saturday 31st October 2009

  Sunday 25rd October 2009

Jez with his new Squal gets lots of interest!!

 Friday 23rd October 2009

Saturdays forcast not good so a good turn out Friday to make up for it!!

Below Steves 68inch E-flight Beaver did its maiden flight + a fair few more

  Jez counting how many of Steves planes he has just flown LOL (five)      Above right Val just landed and smiling

Below Daves just putting his "reno racer jupiter away lol" and below right  the lads packing up after getting their nitro fix lol

Sat+Sunday 17+18 October

A busy weekend including a visit from a school building its own Mikrokopters!!

Andrew Wilkinson is the Design Technology Teacher from Maiden Erlegh School and he brought along his daughter Hayley+his son Aran also one of his lab technicians Stefan and mike a computer software programer.

We were given the honour of giving a couple of their coptors a test fly !!! 

 In the last year the school was a awarded a £17000 grant over two years to run an after school engineering club to promote, Science, Technology Engineering and Maths, hence STEMNET.  The aim of their  proposal was to develop an ariel photography mikrokopter.  Which they are building in 2010.  The two mikrokopters we flew at the club  belonged to Andrew and is used in school.  While the other belongs to Stefan who suggested the project in the beginning.  Stefan is an ICT technician  at school.  Mike has also build a third mikrokopter and his is likely to be the first to have all the satellite navigation working.  

Thanks for comming guys most interesting and great fun

 Left above Hayley,Aran,Andrew,Stefan,holding the mikrokopters

  A bit colder today but still enjoyed

 Alans gone for a lesson so Ron and Paul

being good mates help him with a bit of

 A veiw down the pits

 maintenance and a clean+polish on his

flight trolly lol lol


 Jim weekday flying with his new baby, Lazer 80 powered Pawnee 

and one of Steves Hacks 61 asp f/s poweredWed 14th October


 John Holland

 Let me introduce my good friend

John Holland

 ("Trapper " in butch 1:1 flying circles)


Witty,handsome,urbane,slim,modest,George Clooney lookalike,

(That is the handsome chap holding up is Wot 4 "GT"to the left !!!)

who has recently graced the club by re-joining.

John (a pouting 58) has a weath of information on aerodynamics,photography,and just about anything else that he can persuade one to listen to !!!!

If you have time (or your plane wont fly ) lol lol

(Just ask him about the Trident 3b)

Bring a deck chair and make yourself comfortable LOL




 Sat+Sunday 10+11 October

Below includes 3 new planes this week, Steves Squall then Jims lovley bi-plane+thenJezs new 4 stroke woti

 Mags pre flight checking with her

" pit titch" lol lol !!!"

 Mags(our 1st lady soloist) on the flight line showing the boys how its done!!

 Below Steves Ducted fan vected thurst Squall

 Below Jim with his new Bi-Plane nice one Jimbo

Spot the smile lol lol !!!!!

 Above Jims Radioqueen flying Tuesday 13th October 2009

 Jezs new 4 stroke woti --- lovley flyer you can have it back now !! sob sob lol

 OK JEZ you really can have it back now LOL LOL thanks !!! LOL

 Sat+Sunday 3+4th October 2009

 WELL DONE MAGS on your club solo!!

 Perry with his fantastic Space Walker

 VON -Sion lol wants to play

 Our Perry with another nice plane Mmm

  Sat+Sunday 19-20th September

Andy with his new best mate Doc!!!

(must be something to do with docs rope skills !!!! LOL)

  Andy dreaming about flying Steves Maule !! LOL

  More "pit talk lol"

 A great flying weekend !!

 Mike "titivating"his new war bird 

 Saturday 5th+Sunday 6th September

Below Steve with his Trogen

 Steves giant super sportster + a view looking down the pits

 Jeremy recieving his A cert from Doc early this year

 Steves giant super sportster(left landing+right inverted)

Powered by a OS 200 four/stoke engine