maidenhead radio modellers club


If you wish to see pictures from 2011/2010 or 2009 click on the links below

                                                                                                  Gallery 2011         Gallery 2010              Gallery 2009                                                                                                                                                                                                                            




Below a few pics from December 


 Below left Ted & Andy catching up -------Below Right Steve with the OS 200 F/S powered Giant Super Sportster

 Below left Kev & Hayden ---Below right Jez John Jim & Jake making the most of the blue sky

 Below left Steve with the Trojen & Jez with the Squall 

  Below left Jake in the pilots box & left Kev 



 All smiles (wheres John gone ? !! lol)

 Below John having a catch up lol !! 

 Below Jez with a few electrics

 Below Steve with the Ultimate & the Acrowot

 Below left mags & right Jet boy Chris  SLOW DOWN lol

 Below left Andy with the Christmas Menu !!! & right Keith a Jez

 A busy flight line all day 


                                                             AUGUST 2012


To the left

John and Hayden 

John has just Passed Hayden on his A cert

Congratulations and safe flying !


John with Jake 

Jake having just passed his fixed wing solo


MRM supported the White Waltham Charity Members Day again this year.
More members than ever took part with Stewart, Hayden, John, Ollie and Andy all flying at the display.
Lots of model flying took place plus a larger than ever full size display which ended with a couple of fly pasts of the last flying Vulcan.


Summer at the strip 

check out the foamy Acro Wot


“Roger with his Acro Wot”

 Below Phil

Andys Ripmax Spit 

  Congratulations to Hayden on passing his Club Solo 

fixed wing

 Congratulations to John on passing his  examiners test 

 A bit blury but here is Vince taking up control line flying LOL


Below left Andy congratulating Kev on getting his fixed wing solo and right Hayden with one of his helis

 Some of the indoor fliers

  Spring round the corner 

                       Young Tom having his first lesson                                                      Andys spit on another sortie

            Looking at Johns face I would say he has bad thoughts about Andys Spit LOOK OUT ANDY LOL

  Left -- John looking for trouble with all the recent Spits arriving on site LOL

  Below pictures from Febuary 

 Below Andy out in the frost  

Congratulations to Young William on getting his club solo  

Much deserved  and well done

Congratulations to Richard on getting his club solo 

First one of 2012 WELL DONE RICHARD